Accessories - Lan surge protector for IP camera

Accessories - Lan surge protector for IP camera
: 1889 Μάρκα: MB Vision
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: LAN_Surge
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Surge protector for computer networks LAN (1O/100 Base). Possibility of multiplication and protection of several ports with one connection to grounding. Shielded RJ-45 jacks. Compact and easy to use.
Portable LAN surge protector for laptops, desktops, servers, routers and all network devices with a RJ45 connection port.
-SPD class                                                           Type 3
-Max. continuous operating voltage (d.c.) Uc           5.8 V
-Nominal discharge current(8/20 μs)line-line In        50 A
-Nominal discharge current(8/20 μs)line-PE In       ~200 A
-Nominal discharge current(8/20 μs)shield-PE In       5 kA
-Voltage protection level line-line Up                      <15 V
-Voltage protection level line-PE Up                        <650 V
-Voltage protection level shield-PE                          Up<850V(for 1kV/µs)
-Data Rate                                                           100 Mb/s
-Connectors                                                          RJ45 shielded socket/RJ45 shielded socket
-Data line protected                                               Pin 1/2, 3/6
-Test standards                                                     IEC 61643-21
-Degree of protection                                             IP 20
-Part No.                                                              130 203
-Dimension / tare weight                                        85x62x26mm/0.115kg
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