DVR Καταγραφικά - Καταγραφικό DVR H.264 44 Καμερών,4 ήχου FULL WD1 960H - Dahua DH-2104HE-H

DVR Καταγραφικά - Καταγραφικό DVR H.264 44 Καμερών,4 ήχου FULL WD1 960H - Dahua DH-2104HE-H
: 7302 Μάρκα: Dahua
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: DH-2104HE-H
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130,80€ Άνευ ΦΠΑ: 109,00€

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The DVR supplies all the features you need for even the most dificult installations. The 4–channel DVR is simple to use bringing full D1 recording quality at possibly the lowest price for a quality 4ch DVR system!

The DVR brings the highest value and build quality rarely fond at this price point. The DVR is perfect as a new CCTV system or to upgrade from an existing CCTV system for up to 4 security cameras. The DVR is compact and can record continually 24hours per day or work in motion detection mode.

At its very best, set the 4-channel DVR up for remote monitoring and take advantage of the many fantastic functions such as remote access control and/or 24 hour recording.

Designed to be fully equipped to serve every need, this DVR brings an incredible CMS system, and smart phone applications to allow you to view the recorded CCTV surveillance footage from any place in the world.

The wide list of features below give you a good idea of just how feature packed this DVR really is:

  • ·         4-channel digital video recorder

    ·         H.264

    ·         recording 100 fps/ at 960H (960x576) or D1 (720х576)

    ·         playback 4 channels simultaneously

    ·         4 audio inputs

    ·         1 audio outputs

    ·         4 alarm inputs

    ·         3 alarm outputs

    ·         HDMI/BNC/VGA outputs

    ·         set up of the recording image quality

    ·         1 IDE-SATA (up to 4TB) hard disc

    ·         real time monitoring with 1080p resolution

    ·         motion detection

    ·         smart search

    ·         RS-485 for PTZ control

    ·         2 USB

    ·         Dual encoding streams

    ·         E-mail/Video Push/FTP/zoomer/notifications on the screen upon alarm

    ·         monitoring via mobile phone (iPhone, iPad, Android)

    ·         built-in Web server

    ·         IP/TCP

    ·         CMS

    ·         220VAC, 10W

    ·         dimensions 325х245х45 mm

The DVR supplies Real Time recording which means no staggering on playback, images are smooth and clear.

If something takes place you have the option without difficulty export the footage on to a USB memory stick that the police or other bodies can check out. Don`t be fooled – the backup function is exceptional for each and every CCTV surveillance system. The unit comes complete with a USB mouse and Remote Control so it can be installed virtually anywhere.

The DVR is fully compatible with internet & mobile phone viewing and works on both iPhone & Android mobiles (when configured via a network). This means you can view your CCTV surveillance system from any place in the world for complete piece of mind.

The DVR is a great DVR for anyone who needs a economical replacement unit or for a new installation. It supplies most of the key features you may need in a compact latest enclosure. Perfect for domestic or commercial use.

Great Value, cost effective and highly recommended DVR!

Please select the size of HDD memory you require. The larger the memory the longer the DVR will record.

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